Defy Time And Gravity

Prince. Whitney Houston. Michael Jackson.  George Michael. David Bowie. Dusty Springfield. Laura Branigan. As a member of Generation-X, I grew up listening to them over Sunday Radio “Top of the Pops” and Casey Kasem’s “American Top 40”. Today, they are all dead including Casey Kasem.

Think about Madonna, Mariah Carey, Cher, and Tina Turner. Tina Turner is nearing eighty years old and still rocking the world (fantastically, of course). Mariah, whom I am a fan of, turns 48 this year. I recall she was only twenty during the release of her debut album. These numbers tell me how time had gone by. Nearly three decades.

Of course that makes me almost three decades older since Mariah’s debut album. Madonna, Cher and Tina Turner, they all look different then and now. So do I.  Time has adverse effects on the youthfulness of our skin. As we age, our skin, the largest organ in the body has a magnetic affinity to gravity.  Several years ago, dark circles had begun to appear under my eyes.  Drier skin made the fine lines on my face more apparent. Not to mention, aging has led to the loss of fat pads under my skin. When that happens, the skin deflates, therefore the lines appear along with sagging skin and loss of volume.

I procrastinated on doing something for my aging skin for quite some time. However, upon a recommendation from a friend, I made an appointment for a skin consultation at Alainn Clinic where I met with the lovely and charismatic Dr. Ain. In an engaging session with Dr. Ain where I brought to her attention that the areas of concern are my freckles (pigmentation), wrinkles and dark circles, she provided me a few solutions to address these concerns, primarily using dermal fillers.


I proceeded to the treatment room where Dr. Ain, with her sharp eyes and assuring manner assessed the condition of my skin. She used a pencil to mark the areas of interests. Next, my face was cleansed and topical numbing cream was applied to manage the pain.

A while later, Dr Ain began to work on my mid-cheek and then tear trough a.k.a. panda eyes with dermal fillers. Following that, she proceeded to the laugh lines. My lips were given some tender, loving care with lips rejuvenation treatment, greatly enhancing them with volume and definition. When the treatment was over for my static wrinkles and lips, she then worked on my dynamic wrinkles with Botox at the crows feet.

The whole procedure took almost 1.5 hours and the pain was minimal. I emerged from the treatment room looking 10 years younger without any swelling at the face, without the panda eyes. The results were immediate. Most importantly, there was not a bruise in sight the next morning.

Although I have not been to another aesthetic clinic, in my opinion Alainn Clinic is the best aesthetic clinic in KL (Kuala Lumpur) and PJ (Petaling Jaya) where I regularly look out for their monthly featured treatments and promotions.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding forefathers of the USA quoted, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. Where death is inevitable, we surely can decide and choose to age gracefully, looking as elegantly as we can. Now, isn’t that fantastic?












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